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Grief therapy through nutrition and Kundalini yoga

My name is Sabine and I can help transform your life. Why? Because like you, I have lost a loved one and I have had to find ways to cope with the emotional and practical challenges caused by bereavement. One of them was to carry on studying after my husband died and here I am: a soon-to-be Registered Nutritional Therapist and certified Kundalini yoga instructor.

Having lost a loved one like me, you will know from your own experience that bereavement is an emotional roller coaster journey. Nothing can prepare you for it but I have since found that there are practical tools, coping strategies and yoga techniques that can help you gradually get your life back on track.

Happy food, yoga and meditation

I would like to share some of the most effective ones with you to prevent the adverse health effects grief can have on body and mind such as lack of energy, depression, anxiety, heart and lung problems, digestive disorders or a weakened immune system to name but a few.

As a wife without her partner (I hate the word “widow”), I understand bereavement and I have personally experienced the effects of grief on body and mind. I know the challenges bereaved partners face when it comes to grocery shopping, cooking and eating for one. And I have first-hand experience of how “happy food”, yoga and meditation can make you feel more balanced, lift your energy levels and your mood!

The combined strength of two complementary therapies

Asana Nutrition is not an ordinary business since it offers a truly holistic approach through two complementary healthcare modalities - nutritional therapy and Kundalini yoga - to help you regain your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

“When You Are Falling, Dive” is the title of a great book that helped me through the first months of my loss. My ultimate goal is to achieve the opposite. Rather than staying underwater and invisible, my mission is to support you holistically on your individual health journey so that you can live each day to your full potential with new-found confidence and resilience – like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

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